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two great lands

We’re over-excited hereby to proclaim a new research project, a bright knowledge-flame. It is a joint venture between two great lands, both ready and willing to meet the demands that pure, honest science requires and needs to bring forth hard data and satisfy creeds. Within the next fortnight our rocket will fly from a floating platform up into the sky, the waters are managed by Indonesia, that fine, willing partner to Grigovia. The vessel is not manned but steered by remote, its systems will analyze tiny space-motes for traces of metals (titanium, gold), soon space and its riches will be ours to hold. We’re planning on mining the asteroid field – who knows what vast treasures its members might yield? – this daring endeavor we’ll do by robot as we sit here watching from couch, chair, and cot. The robots are programmed to set up a base for meeting and gathering in near-Earth space all of the materials, fragments, and chunks that will be poured over by our science-monks. For more information log onto our site; tune into our broadcast that runs day and night; rejoice with us as we soar into the skies where what might await us remains a surprise.

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in camouflaged boots

Our Self Defense Forces are taking recruits, come march with them proudly in camouflaged boots. They don’t stand on outward appearances much but value persons who work well in a clutch, who use their resources with daring and grace, who are not afraid to smear mud onto face. Their weapons are rifle and garrote and knife, they do not seek war but are ready for strife, they hack and they hamper, disrupt and confuse, there are but few tools they’re not willing to use. They thwart Rus and Ynki, our two greatest foes, they harass and badger and bloody the nose of any imperial superpower before which most other nations shake and cower. Enlistment is open so please stop on by; Huzzah For Grigovia will be your cry; now onwards, dear comrades, once more to the breach, we’ve many more lessons these tyrants to teach.

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a crawling fright

I do love the tunnels when it’s late at night – they fill me with shudders and a crawling fright. There’s no way of knowing just what is the time down deep in the caverns were hewn from the lime. Vast numbers of spiders and rodents abound, way down in the regions so far underground, but also a ghost and a spirit or two appears from the darkness without much ado. Please come with me next chance I get to descend and hold my hand as we our way through there wend, adventure is calling and more than one scare, accept this bold challenge and join in this dare.

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such damnable stuff

The maiden of massive and circular girth was certain that she had been cursed upon birth. Uungla Olenda was her simple name, she found in it reasons for anger and shame. Then early one morning she had had enough of sadness and other such damnable stuff, threw off her bed-covers and flicked on the light, said: I have the power to make myself right. With one simple sentence Happiness began, to love herself fully was her new life’s plan, she stood up and dressed in her favorite things – a dress made of silk and some pink fairy’s wings – then sallied out into the wide world around, delighted that she had her confidence found. She shared her new wisdom with people who’d ask, and sternly refused to hide behind the mask that she had once chosen when just a young pup, with nine simple words did she lift herself up.

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fortune and love

The girls place their presents on rock or stone chairs in hopes that a Goddess should come to roost there. The maidens they do this perhaps twice a day, much like in the time-tested Balinese way, but men also perform this fine holy rite when women are bleeding both daytime and night. Lit incense now rises upon a light breeze, to dance in the rafters and lick at the eaves, with luck it will reach vast Grigung high above and bring down upon us good fortune and love. These shrines grace the portals to house and abode, their backs mostly facing the Great Divine Node where many a Patroness goes back to rest as soon as the sun falls to sleep in the West. So long as the rituals keep happening Grigovian people will find cause to sing, if they are not followed though bad things occur, this is not a guess – of these things we are sure. Huzzah for the majesty of the Goddesses for they do forgive us our faults and trespasses, both now and forever we shout out in praise and marvel at their most harmonious ways.

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under the hoofs

Great salvos impacted on turret and gate, each one a reminder of perilous fate. We were few in number, who had stood our ground, who in Nuuzstathena much courage had found; through hell and high water she’d been at our side while peoples around us had crumbled and died, crushed under the hoofs of the Mungul invaders or sold out by cowards and dastardly traitors. Pushed back to our fortresses in the Yiptlong we’d watched as our enemies jumbled and thronged and pulled down our temples and destroyed our homes and defiled most everything that we’d known. With food supplies shrinking and hope running low there came a most sudden and Summertime snow that covered our mountains and enemies too, who watched as their fingers turned dark shades of blue, then watched as their digits went black and fell off and consumed their horses or ate from their troughs. The Goddess appeared at one morning’s first light and spoke to us, saying, Don’t give up the fight but fall on your enemies during this night dressed up as crazed demons awaken their fright. The Munguls were weakened by cold and disease, they broke with a sickly and half-hearted ease, we drove them straight down to our great river’s banks where we took a moment to give sincere thanks. With swords in our clutches and light in the sky we stood up and sounded a great battle-cry, then rushed at the ranks of our once-mighty foes, destroying their spirit while they wept and froze. They begged us allow them to run from our lands, they stepped on their weapons and threw up their hands, we marched them immediately to our border with pride in our bosoms and fine marshal order. To honor the wisdom of ‘Thena divine we built of some rockfall a victory shrine right there on the border at the very spot where Mungul invaders our people forgot. The shrine is still standing these many years on, we go once a year at the first light of dawn with handfuls of flowers and flagons of wine, we would love to see you there – join us next time.

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our many bees

We do love our many bees because they pollinate our trees and all our flowers – blooms and such – without them we would not have much. Endlessly they flit and wander, here and there and even yonder, spreading life and love around so that our plates with food abound. Bright they are in mood and color similar to but few others for they drink from mountain streams and built mud hives in rafter-beams. When they come to share our spaces we rejoice and thank the Graces, Nuuzstathena, and Thriae, goddesses of work and play. To help bees sow plants of your own deeply into the spongy loam, add some bone-meal and much water, teach your son, nephew, or daughter, that the bees are our allies and not just stinging things that fly. Pesticides and toxic poison leave alone – this things please shun – for they kill things large and small that benefit us, one and all. (Brought to you by Friends of Bees (Grigovia edition), help us save our tiny friends and join us in our mission.

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